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    Renaissance at Woodward Park & San Joaquin River Crossing               Estab. 1983
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Friday, April 3, 1998
About the Mission of
River Park Inc.
A River Park Board of Directors News Release

   RIVER PARK --The daily news affects every important business decision in California, how we work and recreate ourselves, what we buy and sell, what we can and can't say, how we educate ourselves, work, and gradually age with grace.
    The daily news has also become the arbiter of American economic affairs. But until now, no digital newspaper has been dedicated to exploring the link between on-line news and our national and international culture.
     No digital newspaper has reached beyond mere readership to enlighten the readership, or create a forum for intelligent conversation about local, regional and world events. River Park News is a general-interest newspaper. This newspaper stands at the intersection of land economics and personal world view.
     River Park News is a daily (365 issues a year) published by River Park Inc., its premiere issue was published in May 1983.
    River Park News is for decision makers, problem solvers, and opinion shapers across the spectrum of San Joaquin Valley business leaders  in commercial real-estate, law in business and government, in the arts and sciences, and in the media.
    River Park News is for general readers and those with specific business interests whose curiosity about the business and real-estate is not satisfied by occasional pieces in other publications.
    River Park News editors aspire to be both engaging and edifying, offering an illuminating encounter with the land and housing markets and the pleasure that comes a close reading of from sharp, lucid writing.
     It aims to fulfill the need for a publication that responds to the deep interest Americans have in business & economics. The editorial mission of River Park News includes another element that sets it apart from other periodicals.
     To help strengthen American participatory democracy, River Park Inc. desires to facilitate a vibrant conversation about the most important topics and themes with the potential to help transform civic life.
    To that end, , the River Park Inc. Board of Directors and its stockholders believe the free and open public debate on which the American rule of  law depends, must be nourished.
     River Park Inc., hopes to contribute to the furtherance of a free and informed community by creating a general-interest community news service that will invigorate our democratic way of life.
     The River Park News is the first free access busines journal, a full service daily newspaper about the North West Fresno business development, real estate, economic, and entertainment issues for general-interest to regional readers and real estate professionals.
     Starting in the Spring of 2002, River Park News will be published as a digital independent, non-profit enterprise affiliated with Web Portal Corporation. The newspaper's connection to Web Portal Corporation gives it extraordinary extraordinary access to outstanding writers and thinkers from America's top legal and social institutions.
   Dr. Howard Hobbs, J.D., Ph.D., President of the Valley Press Media Network, publisher and author of the American Law Review, and the California Star, serves as Editor of publications.
    River Park News will tackle real estate and legal issues that have an impact on the Woodward Park and the NorthWest Fresno way of life, and issues that define who we are and where we are headed, and choices that affect citizens around the the area.
    River Park News will continue its tradition of publishing intelligent commentary and compelling narrative, in a combination that stirs readers to think critically about major subjects of interest and concern to the area served.
     Writers for each issue will include prominent journalists, authors, educators, legal scholars, and contributors, delivering a mix of perspectives and voices. Every issue will present critical analyses of local news and regional events.
     Designed by our highly experienced team, the River Park News is handsome, elegant, and arresting, presented in a contemporary style that will be an appealing showcase for advertisers and the products and services that matter to River Park News’ readers.
     River Park News' readers are attractive to advertisers whose products and services are not only directed at real estate lawyers and the legal profession in general , but to the general reader interested in gaining access to public and private education, schools and colleges, real estate, building permits, zoning, redevelopment, information services, business software, internet advertising with broader, consumer-based messages in areas like books and music, publishing and online services, mail-order, corporate image, financial services, administration and research activities.

    Research activities of the professional staff include: reviewing or preparing articles or books; attending or preparing for professional meetings or conferences; reviewing proposals; seeking outside funding; and giving performances or exhibitions in the fine or applied arts, or giving speeches.
    Administrative activities include meetings or committee work. Other activities include practice or activities to remain current in our field, consulting and service activities including providing unpaid community or public service, service to schools, colleges, and professional societies and associations.


©1983-2002 by The River Park Newspaper.
All rights reserved.

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